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Thread Connections

For almost a quarter of a century, Thread Connections has been the go-to store for any quilting need. They offer every accessory one could want, from Handi Gadgets to Groovy Boards, because they are most certainly quilt enthusiasts themselves.


For many people, a good quilt looks nice, is in durable condition, and keeps you warm, and those people wouldn’t be wrong in the slightest. However, Thread Connections knows what it takes to make a great quilt. It’s not just about the cloth, or the stitches, or the batting; rather, a great quilt comes from the sheer determination and vision of its crafter to imbue that patchwork with warmth, safety, and unity. Thread Connections’ quilts symbolize the great interconnectedness of the human spirit, all individuals tethered by distinct lines but nevertheless concerted in the common goals of life.


Thread Connections offers top-of-the-line quilting machines and packages, as well as educational books and DVDs. From their shop in Middlebury, they knowledgeably provide quilting hobbyists and professionals with all the tools of the trade.

We are only a phone call away.  We have HQ Machine Service in house.   

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